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Web Design and Development

In an increasingly digital world, a company or organisation's website and online presence is becoming more and more important. A website is a central feature of most communcation strategies and marketing plans. It is therefore necessary to have a website which is user-friendly, effective and atttractive.

Ensuring that a website can automatically detect the type of device that it is being viewed on and respond by optimising itself for viewing on either a personal computer, tablet or smart phones is now essential.

Website Features Available

Websites are no longer just static pages of text and images. Websites can have a variety of modules added to it. Some of the featues and options are...

  • Responsive design
  • Website security
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram module
  • Google map
  • Google analytics
  • Event calendar
  • Online shop
  • Sliders
  • Online forms
  • Weather modules
  • Gallery
  • Separate members section
  • and more...